Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Isaac! 3

Happy 3rd Birthday to our precious Isaac! I-Independent, this year you started school and love your Pretend Room Class! I worried all summer that you would always want to be in the Playhouse Room with me. Each morning you kiss and hug my leg and run to class. I might see you once or twice during the morning but you've got your own plan. You have started to do so much on your own: you love to use the stool to get your own drink of water and get your own snacks, you help set the table, and find your own toys, you've started to undress on your own, can do the 'jacket flip' and can put on your shoes. Its fun to watch you learn new skills and be excited to use them. You are also learning letters and are so good at counting. S-Super Isaac to the Rescue! This is one of your favorite games to play with Cora. You are also a Super Dancer-you have some awesome moves and love to listen to music. A-Assertive, now that you are three you are very clear on your likes and dislikes. Although it can be challenging at times we are happy to see our easy going guy stand up for himself and go after what he wants. You certainly don't like to hear 'NO' and are starting to learn how to deal with disappointment. A-Attentive, you are amazing at sticking with an activity. You can put together puzzles, ride your motorcycle, lay train tracks, or play with cars and trucks for hours! You also love to read books and will sit in your crib and read huge stacks of books. C-CUTE, you are one cute guy with a sweet personality, funny sense of humor, and hilarious facial expressions. You can make the whole family crack up at dinner time. We love you, Isaac, and are so very proud of you and thankful for you. You add light, wonder, and laughter to our lives. What an exciting year ahead with so many new adventure and new skills as you enter 'big boyhood'.

Growing Andi

New Years-Conards & Mom and Pop

Merry Merry Christmas!

Halloween & Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Cleveland
The Read Reunion was in Manning, SC hosted by Aunt Ruth and Uncle Finnley. We are so glad it has become a tradition to get the Reads together annually. I love that it is near Sarah's birthday, such a special member of our family. John and Aunt Frances have added a family craft to the mix, this year was Tie Dye! There was extra celebration this year because Pop missed the last one. Notice the 'Survivors' photo. MUCH to be thankful for.

Cape Cod with the Kokoszkas Oct. 2012